We can facilitate clean-up of oil spills in South Africa which entails removing hazardous material so that sites are renewed to ‘green sites’

Our services include:

  • Separators and spill containment clean-up and sludge removal.
  • Spillage removal, clean-up, and restoring sites to “green sites.”

Oil spills in South Africa

Keep your company reputation intact and avoid the bad publicity around oil spills. Take action and quickly call Bevlon for assistance when oil spills occur.

Importance of quick spill response & cleaning of oil separators

Oil spills have a massive impact on rural and urban areas in South Africa. On rural land, oil spills prevent the soil’s ability to absorb water; furthermore, spills on agricultural areas or grasslands kill off plant life.

If a spill occurs in these environments, the most crucial response priorities are:

  • Prevent oil from leaking into groundwater or
  • Entering waterways as run-off

In urban environments, response strategies for oil from diesel tank spills encompass, placing emphasis on protecting human health and restoring usability to the site as quickly as possible. Our team has extensive experience in developing strategies that are speedy and efficient.

Like rural areas, spilled oil can also leak into groundwater and enter rivers as run-off. Our team will ensure that any diesel tank oil spills are expertly cleaned up and removed.


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Be Green and Educate Yourself on the Dangers of Oil Spills In South Africa

Not all diesel tank spill-recovery options are the same – the clean-up operation is dependent on the specific condition in which the spill takes place. Therefore, it’s crucial that all equipment is versatile so it can be adapted to each situation.

Oil spills in South Africa can devastate the entire ecosystem, which has a ripple effect on the social and economic environment because food sources become tainted. This would mean an unsustainable reliance on the government.

Therefore, it’s essential that oil separation services, from an expert petroleum maintenance company, are used to clean up the contaminated area as soon as possible.

We provide our services to the petrochemical industry and all related businesses, in, and around South Africa. We are proud to have worked with nationally-renowned companies and institutions such as BP Southern Africa, Engen and UCT.

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