Benefits of Bulk Lubricant Storage in Diesel Tanks

  1. The immediate benefits of bulk lubricant storage in diesel tanks and delivery are that they cut material and labour costs, which means the quicker you’ll see a return on your investment. Depending on diesel tanks’ capacity, buying in bulk can reduce the price you pay for lubricants by a large percentage.
  2. There is no need to organise/manage barrel storage and pick-ups. With bulk diesel tank storage, you can save a lot of time because those tasks are part of the service.


We collect packaged products, mainly lubricants and greases, from source. From there, products are loaded into our state-of-the-art vehicles which are equipped to transport, handle and dispense bulk lubricants safely. As per instructions, delivery is made to various destinations in the Western Cape.

We pride ourselves on timeous delivery of lubricants and pump fuel products. Our services include:

  • Delivery, within accurate timeframe, of marine bulk lubricants to vessels when they are docked at various harbours in the Western Cape
  • Pump fuel products (Jet A1 and polar diesel) from supplied bulk tankers to vessels
  • Cross pumping of lubricants from drums/intermediate bulk containers to fuel storage tanks as per order and instructions received from customer
  • We respond quickly when emergency deliveries are required

Efficient and effective transportation of lubricants and greases are essential for South Africa’s economy because fuel transportation will improve the economy by reducing price unpredictability as well as stimulating new market activity.

Bevlon follows the best practices to ensure the safety of transporting lubricants and greases to accommodate the road conditions in the Western Cape.

Why you need an expert petroleum maintenance company for pumping bulk lubricants

  1. An increase in grease viscosity makes the diesel lubricants in the diesel tanks more challenging to pump. You need to have an accurate understanding of your requirements. It’s important to know that the lower the temperature, the higher the level of viscosity.
  2. As the rate of flow increases (for most greases), the rate of movement between layers of increases and viscosity decreases. However, particular diesel tank lubricants tend to harden when subjected to higher rates of movement, meaning that the viscosity of different types of lubricants can vary at different temperatures as well as flow rates.
  3. Bevlon’s team knows that when you’re transferring a lot of grease from a bulk grease tank, it requires loading the pump correctly. It’s essential to that the pump has superior suction load capability because, if lubricants can’t be drained into the pump fast enough, the output will be reduced and there will be a lot of air consumption. They will ensure that this doesn’t happen.



Our clients

Since 1982, Bevlon Petroleum Maintenance has been providing first-rate service in petroleum installations and maintenance to companies such as

  • Engen
  • BP Southern Africa
  • K & T Consulting,
  • MAJ Projects,
  • Kansai Plascon
  • UCT
  • Air Force SA

Bevlon adhere to the National Waste Information Regulations.

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