Fuel tank blasting and paint

Fuel tank blasting and paint.

Bevlon supplies South Africa’s leading diesel tank maintenance services

At Bevlon, our professional staff service clients across South Africa with a variety of essential petroleum maintenance services to ensure quality long lasting diesel tanks and pipelines that perform at optimal levels.

We do pipeline & fuel tank sandblasting and painting

Our experienced staff can paint bulk fuel and diesel storage tanks entirely.

Our services include:

  • Sandblasting of diesel tanks and pipelines – wet and dry blasting
  • Blasting and painting of bulk fuel storage tanks
  • Wet grid blasting in hazardous areas

Types of equipment we use

We use industry quality equipment including

  • Pressure/suction feed sandblasters
  • Wet liquid sandblasters
  • High-pressure abrasive sandblasters


The build-up of surface rust and corrosion are the leading causes of malfunction in outdoor aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), reasons for this include changing weather conditions particularly.

We offer a complete fuel tank painting service for ASTs. The painting of tank surfaces is critical to achieving the optimal level of protection, which is accomplished by the use of protective paint.

Our ultimate goal as a leading fuel tank painting company in South Africa all rust, scale, and paint from decaying structures are removed and re-paint with state-of-the-art coatings that are rust and weather resistant.


What happens to diesel tanks with a poor paint job?

The reality is that build-up of sludge, combined with corrosion, causes operating problems for diesel and fuel tanks and this can be very costly.

Possible Issues:

  • Breaks may occur
  • The paint may be too thin or may have degraded due to the environment.
  • The coating may be porous and may not form a complete barrier.
  • The paint may have been applied incorrectly or incompletely.

Bevlon’s expertly-trained staff will determine the best petroleum maintenance approach for surface preparation based on specific conditions at the site. These include tank materials, existing corrosion, humidity and other applicable environmental conditions. We will then use high pressure hot and cold-water cleaning and specialised abrasive sandblasting to ensure all issues are resolved.

Do you need fuel tank sandblasting and painting?

Bevlon has worked with well known names like Engen and BP. Our experienced workmen guarantee satisfaction. Find out why you should contact Bevlon about fuel tank painting and sandblasting. Our high-quality fuel tank sandblasting and painting service will make sure that surface contaminants are removed from diesel tanks and pipelines


Why you need diesel tank maintenance

Our high-quality sandblasting (also known as abrasive blasting) and fuel tank painting service will make sure that surface contaminants that accumulate in fuel and diesel tanks are removed and pipelines are roughened, smoothed or shaped according to specifications. It also removes imperfections such as rust. Sandblasting is also an effective way to prepare surfaces for different coatings and sealants.

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Diesel Tank Inspection

The primary causes of failure in outdoor aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) are rust and corrosion on the surface of the tanks. Seasonal changes in climate affect the actual shell of the diesel tanks due to them expanding in the heat during the day and contracting at night; this puts a lot of stress on the surface coating. To prevent

surface rust and corrosion ASTs need to be inspected every five years for signs of wear-and-tear.

Bevlon guarantees a thorough diesel tank inspection and will provide you with a full report including problem areas as well as recommendations to repair and avoid common coating defects on your AST.

We have been providing exceptional service in petroleum installations and maintenance to companies such as Engen, BP Southern Africa, K & T Consulting, MAJ Projects, Kansai Plascon, UCT and Air Force SA.

Bevlon meets and fully complies with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970.

Need petroleum maintenance involving sandblasting and painting? Contact us.

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