Sustainability is integral to everything for which Bevlon does and stands. We are continually benchmarking sustainability measures to monitor our environmental impact as well as the ability to prevent and to react to emergencies when they occur.


  • BP Accreditation Certificate
  • Engen Petroleum Accreditation
  • National Ports Authority
  • Entrance and Operations Permits
  • Waste Transporter License


  • National Road Traffic Act
  • Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations
  • Disaster Management Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Construction Regulations
  • Driven Machinery Regulations
  • Electrical Machinery Regulations
  • Environmental Regulations for Workplaces
  • Facilities Regulations
  • General Administrative Regulations
  • General Machinery Regulations
  • General Safety Regulations
  • Tobacco Product Control Act 83 of 1993


  • Metal Industry


Our company boasts a level 2 BBBEE
rating and certain members of our staff
hold shares in the company.