Affordable New and Refurbishment Diesel Tanks for sale

Looking for diesel tanks that aren’t above your budget requirements. Bevlon specialises in second hand diesel tanks. We also install new diesel tanks through our sister company, Petroeng, Find new above ground diesel tanks for sale here.

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Second Hand Diesel Tanks for sale 

We purchase second-hand diesel tanks. The above, and underground tanks are serviced, and once tank cleaning and maintenance is completed, we sell the diesel tanks at great prices. This gives small petrochemical business’ the chance to purchase high-quality diesel tanks.

Please contact us if you would like a quote or want to enquire about our range of second hand diesel tanks for sale.

We are proud to offer this service so that there is more opportunity for business creation in the petrochemical industry.

The reasons for maintaining Second Hand Diesel Tanks in prime condition 

  1. Avoid sludge accumulation in diesel tanks leading to hindered flow of air due to the build-up of dirt, dust and grease
  2. Increase the lasting capacity of fuel tanks
  3. Prevent damaged diesel tanks from degrading rapidly leading to costly repairs
  4. Ensure optimal fuel quality and prime diesel tank performance

Regular fuel tank cleaning ensures that our clients purchase second hand diesel tanks that are almost as good as a newly sold diesel tank.