Diesel tank cleaning

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Ensure optimal diesel tank performance by removing natural build up of sediments and sludge in diesel tanks. Experience the benefits of maintaining diesel tanks in a clean and pristine condition with Bevlon. Try South Africa’s trusted diesel tank cleaning services right now

About Our Services

We ensure that bulk fuel, solvent and aviation tanks are always in a healthy condition. Our service includes:

  • Fuel tank cleaning
  • Bulk solvent tank cleaning
  • Aviation bulk tank cleaning

Read about diesel tank cleaning best practices here.

Why you need a diesel tank cleaning service

Over time, diesel tanks accumulate sludge among other substances naturally. It is important that diesel tanks are cleaned regularly to avoid problems with functioning: such as hindering the flow of air due to the build-up of dirt, dust and grease.

A diesel tank cleaning service regularly shows an increase in the lasting capacity and prevents damaged diesel tanks from degrading rapidly, which an incur costly repairs.

Furthermore, optimal fuel quality and prime diesel tank performance are ensured after a tank cleaning session whereby the diesel tanks are transformed back to a pristine condition. Our team are experienced in diesel tank cleaning and have serviced the petroleum industry since 1982.

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Diesel Tank Maintenance

Diesel tanks require maintenance just like any other piece of equipment. Did you know that sub-par maintenance is a frequent reason for a poorly-functioning diesel tank? If free water enters a diesel tank, it can cause a devastating explosion. We specialise in the maintenance recommend a professional, industrial cleaning service consistently.

Tanks should be drained entirely, annually, to check that chemical reactions such as oxidation and hydrolysis have not occurred. Both reactions cause a change in the colour fuel and have the potential to cause explosions.

The presence of water in diesel tanks will also determine if the tank is filled with microbes, which can create acid that leads to corrosion. We always use a biocide to avoid possible microbial growth.

Since 1982, we’ve had the privilege to provide our service in petroleum installations and maintenance to reputable companies and institutions such as Engen, BP Southern Africa, K & T Consulting, MAJ Projects, Kansai Plascon, UCT and Air Force SA.

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Safety Protocol

Coordination — Planning sessions (including safety meetings) between diesel tank cleaning companies and plant managers need to take place before cleaning commences.

Trained professionals — Only expertly-trained staff who know about tank cleaning best practices should clean tanks 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) — All staff members need to be equipped with the correct protective gear and ensure all of the equipment is working correctly before starting to clean tanks.

Safety equipment — Proper safety equipment should include calibrated gas and oxygen detectors to alert cleaners of oxygen shortages.

Safety procedures — Before cleaning, it’s essential for trained staff to ensure all valves, utility holes, and other tank components are in working order.

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