Did you know that if you don’t clean your diesel storage tanks annually, you run the risk of compromising the fuel’s integrity which leads to poor function? Therefore, it’s essential that you don’t neglect the maintenance of on-site diesel fuel storage tanks.

The importance of diesel tank maintenance

When diesel fuel is stored in diesel storage tanks for long periods of time, especially in the winter months, the tanks become ‘dirty’. This term refers to the build-up of sediments, water and micro bacteria which clog the diesel tank filters, resulting in sub-par fuel which will cause engine and other mechanical botches.

If this weren’t bad enough, chemical reactions such as oxidation and hydrolysis might occur. Both reactions cause a change in the colour fuel and have the potential to cause explosions. Therefore, by not maintaining diesel tanks, you’re risking the health and safety of employees as well as your investment; it’s an economic and social disaster waiting to happen.

How Bevlon can help maintain your diesel fuel tanks

We advise that annual diesel fuel tank maintenance samples are taken so that we can better understand the condition of your fuel.

We use a fuel sample test can detect if there is any water or micro bacterial contamination in the tanks, which could cause devastating mechanical failures. One of the primary issues that we look for is the presence of water in diesel tanks. Should any be found, it will help us determine if the tank is filled with microbes, which can create acid that leads to corrosion to the diesel tank.

If we find impurities in the fuel, can offer the following diesel tank maintenance services: Fuel additives; biocide treatment and the removal of contaminants (known as fuel polishing.)

Fuel polishing is a process to remove water and microbial contaminants while re-suspending combustible particulate matter to maintain ASTM D975 (Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils).

At Bevlon, our focus is to ensure you get the optimal value out of your fuel and longevity of diesel storage tanks. You can always count on us. All of our staff are experts in diesel tank maintenance and follow strict safety protocols.

Since 1982, we’ve had the privilege to provide our service in petroleum installations and maintenance to reputable companies and institutions such as Engen, BP Southern Africa, K & T Consulting, MAJ Projects, Kansai Plascon, UCT and Air Force SA.

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